After years of trying to keep afloat playing in a band in the popularity contest of the UK music scene, I lost sight of shore. I played at a reletively high standard. I mean we were no Arctics but it’s provided me with some great experiences.

That said though, it’s been a graft and we’re all just cream crackered with it. So we are taking a break…

It’s made me realise that I just need to enjoy music again and create something people want to be a part of. So I’m aiming to form a new community. One thousand great supporters.

It means that after 10 years im back to square one. I’ve not had the opportunity to throw everything at a new project in years and actually its really scary. What if everyone thinks it’s shit? It also means though that I have a chance to share with everyone, honestly, What it takes to do something like this. I’d become complacent. I’m going to work really hard at this.

Making music takes commitment and investment. So here it is, this week so far to kick things off I have:

-Started a new youtube and twitter account under @aaronwithsound.
-Finished the first track ‘Bygones’ and uploaded it.
-Decided creating a community is my biggest goal as this would make it a more sustainable venture. I’ve placed this goal above the usual likes and votes though i appreciate these are important aspects of building a community.
-Set out to find like-minded people on twitter by adding people who follow similar things like Lightbath and R Beny etc.
-Updated Patreon as this will be key to funding the project.
-Began to experiment with advertising by creating a £1 a day ad on facebook and a £2 google ad.
-Decided to record results in a weekly blog to see whats working and what isn’t and to remain totally transparent at all times.

The results of this after day one are:

– 2 followers on twitter.
-7 Patrons (that were already there from previous work).
-5 or 6 pages interactions from people I know, liking the video post.
-No new facebook page likes.
-180 youtube plays and 1 subscriber.

I’ve not decided how frequently I’ll be posting videos. Probably just as I write new stuff, but I have set a weekly reminded to ensure I blog on every Sunday with an update.