Here is a breakdown of what I have done this week and the results of each days work…

Sunday- Day 1

Sunday is detailed in the first blog but here it is again.


  • I set up the twitter and youtube for this project.
  • Posted the first video ‘Bygones’
  • Followed a load of people on twitter.
  • Updated my Patreon.
  • Began experimenting with online ads. I set up a Google AdWords and a Facebook ad. I put a daily limit of £1.50 on Facebook and £2 of google ads.
  • I started a wordpress blog (that would later become this site).

The results were as followed:

  • 2 twitter followers.
  • No page likes. 6 interactions on the post for the first video.
  • 180 youtube plays and 1 subscriber.
  • 7 Patrons.

Monday- Day 2


  • Bought website domains for £21.58 for the year. I had the hosting which is around £5 a month.
  • I responded to every new follower on twitter and started conversations.
  • I moved the blog to the site.


  • 59 followers on twitter.
  • 6 new page likes on facebook.
  • 344 views on youtube and 3 subscribers.
  • 7 patrons.

Tuesday- Day 3


  • Continued work on this site.
  • Set up a mailing list, which I will be focusing on more next week.
  • set up google analytics on this site.
  • Downloaded the apps for Google Analytics and google AdWords.
  • Continued conversing on twitter


  • 69 followers on twitter.
  • No new likes on facebook.
  • Youtube views hit 500. I had 5 subscribers.
  • 7 patrons.

Wednesday- Day 4

  • Started writing the second track for youtube. This consumed most of the day.
  • Continued twitter conversations.


  • 189 followers on twitter.
  • 2 new page likes on facebook and a like on the advert.
  • 733 youtube views and 7 subscribers.
  • 7 Patrons.

Thursday- Day 5


  • Moved all my recording equipment to a new location for easier access.
  • Started recording the second track, which again took up most of the day.


  • 203 twitter followers.
  • No new page likes of Facebook.
  • 915 youtube views and still 7 subscribers.
  • Still 7 Patrons.

Friday- Day 6


  • Added piano to the new track and finished the instrumental.
  • Began to think the advert on facebook was a waste of time or that I had designed a poor ad (though it turned out my payment had failed and it had been paused).
  • More twitter graft.


  • 249 twitter followers.
  • No new Facebook likes.
  • 1135 Youtube views and 9 subscribers.
  • 7 Patrons.

Saturday- Day 7


  • Added vocals to the track.
  • Realised Facebook ad had paused and sorted payment.
  • Started asking around for guest bloggers.


  • 274 twitter followers.
  • No new Facebook likes.
  • 1276 Youtube views. Still 9 Subscribers.
  • 7 Patrons.


I have had loads of great feedback on twitter and met some great people already. Even though the views and followers are increasing steadily, I still want to improve engagement as the whole point is to create a community of 1000 people who are strongly involved in my music.

I am impressed with the reach of AdWords so far but not with the conversion. I appreciate my budget is low and I am new to it so this may improve. My best results so far have been from twitter in my opinion.

Next weeks results will be up Sunday night. Thanks.