I have decided to consolidated these two weeks. I haven’t been promoting any YouTube videos or focusing on social media. The reason being that next Friday (18th May 18) the first single, ‘I Don’t Mind’ comes out. It is the first track I have ever released as a solo artist and under my own name. All my effort have been focused on getting this ready.

In someways, the track isn’t really representative of the sound the project has been so far or what the project will be from here on out. However, I have decided to put the track out as it means a lot to me and I felt it was nice to kick things off with something a bit deeper, that captures a more solo sounding vibe.

It tackles some issues surrounding male suicide and mental health issues. Something I feel that we need to continuing to raise awareness of.

As many will know, on the 10th of May 18, music lost Scott Hutchinson. It came 10 years after Frightened Rabbit released Midnight Organ Fight. This is an album I frequently credit for pulling me out of my depression and one that saved my life in many ways. The news of losing Scott has left me with a horrible feeling in my stomach and I can not begin to imagine how his family must feel.

Scott broke the taboo of writing about mental health issues and brought it into mainstream music. He was a brilliant lyricist and by all accounts an amazing person.

The news of a music helpline to tackle some of these issues has been launched. This is an amazing step but we still need to encourage people to talk about their problems in order for people to feel comfortable to use the service. Let’s try and change this culture, where people thing that it isn’t OK to share how you are feeling!